Just Married…is it Different?

A lot of people have been “giving us space” after the wedding. We’ll call someone up, or text them and say we miss them, and they’ll say they were giving us some space. A part of me feels like they’re treating us like the survivors of some natural disaster—“Take your time, no need to rush… Continue reading Just Married…is it Different?

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Wedding Nightmares

I've had some weird nightmares lately, which I think are a result of stress and a feeling of displacement from not being in my own apartment yet (tomorrow is moving day!). There was a weird one a couple nights ago where I was being chased by a monster from an episode of Angel. On the one… Continue reading Wedding Nightmares

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Something Old, Something New

My coming wedding wakes this dormant sentimentalism in me. That is, I am normally a fairly sentimental person, more F than T, crying at the movies, that sort of thing. But there are some things I don't normally go in for when it comes to the sap-factor. In my head, there are different kinds of… Continue reading Something Old, Something New