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Why I Write

It was probably a year ago that I got the idea that I needed to fall in love with writing again. I used to love the act of writing—I used to spend all my time doing it. Writing horribly derivative stories by hand on wide-ruled, loose, 3-ring-binder-filler paper. And somewhere along the way, probably as… Continue reading Why I Write


January 2018, A Reflection

I thought my motto for this year was going to be, “Change the things you have control over."I’m starting to think I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe this year is more about realizing what I don’t have control over. Maybe I need to stop and figure out where exactly my efforts are going, and… Continue reading January 2018, A Reflection


6 Things I Learned About Myself in 6 Months

We learn things all the time. Just last night I learned that Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon, reminds me 100% of our cat. I learned recently that I like couscous, and that DIY weddings can be exhausting. I've learned that I'm cursed--every time I choose the place for a group of friends to… Continue reading 6 Things I Learned About Myself in 6 Months