Book Review

Angels & Demons

I remember really enjoying this book when I first read it. I liked the fast pace, the all-or-nothing drama of the mystery that needs to be solved. Scholars saving the day is always a fun trope—Indiana Jones is awesome, after all, and I LOVE The Librarian movies. Now that I’m older, I got pretty annoyed… Continue reading Angels & Demons

Book Review

Emmy & Oliver

The premise of this book is different and fascinating. How many kids have one of their closest childhood friends kidnapped? Emmy is sweet and authentic. She feels so much like a real person, with complexities and passions. Robin Benway did a fabulous job writing her (and this story, in general). I don’t visit realism much,… Continue reading Emmy & Oliver

Book Review

Ice Dogs

This book was obviously written by someone who has spent time with sled dogs and the Alaskan wilderness. It was smart, peppered with all these amazing little details that really put you in the world, battling the weather with Victoria and Chris. This is survival YA, and a fairly short book, so there isn’t a… Continue reading Ice Dogs