Book Review

Living Wicca

I’m really, really glad Scott Cunningham wrote this sequel to Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. This is an introduction to devotional Wicca that contains less of the building blocks of normal ritual practice, and much more of the answers to the questions of “But how do I live as a witch, every day?"Even the word… Continue reading Living Wicca

Book Review

Witches of America

There’s a lot of controversy in the Pagan community when it comes to this book. I haven’t dived into either side or researched what everyone is saying. I’ll just say that after reading this book, and hearing the basic arguments, I’m not surprised at the controversy.Is this a good book, on its own merits? I… Continue reading Witches of America

Book Review, Pagan

Pagan Portals: The Morrigan

I really appreciate that this book was written by an Irish reconstructionist. There’s a certain level of academic adherence in the reconstructionists that puts me at ease. I don’t feel like I have to take everything with a grain of salt and question their research methods and wonder if they’re adding artistic license to their… Continue reading Pagan Portals: The Morrigan

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Why I’m Pagan

Sometimes the answer to why someone is religious is as simple as knowing what religion/culture they were raised in. The familiar is often comforting, and most large religions have enough to offer people nowadays that there wouldn't necessarily be big reasons to look for something else. I grew up in a Christian community, going to… Continue reading Why I’m Pagan

Book Review

Celtic Magic

I feel like DJ Conway and I have similar tastes in pantheons and magick systems, so it was a no-brainer to read this book. I really enjoy the simple and accessible format, and the information that she included. I think the most valuable component of this book for me was the sample ritual components, which… Continue reading Celtic Magic

Book Review, Pagan

Where to Park Your Broomstick

This was my first ever book on Paganism. I ran into it during a weekly trip to Borders with my best friend, when we were 13 years old. Not only is it a perfectly fabulous intro for teenagers to the world of Wicca and Paganism in general, it’s also perfect for adults who are new… Continue reading Where to Park Your Broomstick