Today I

Today I…

Today I used my husband’s shampoo in the shower. This is a big deal because, if you roll it back enough—it’s an accomplishment that I was even taking a shower.It started like this.My health insurance company decided to change the pharmacy service they use for all mail-order prescriptions. This was probably a good business decision,… Continue reading Today I…

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Your Hospital Stay with HG

I'm part of a Facebook group for moms with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, created by the HelpHER foundation. One mom currently in the middle of her worst weeks just got admitted to the hospital for the first time, and asked for advice. I hadn't known what hospitals stays were like, either, before my lovely friend HG showed… Continue reading Your Hospital Stay with HG


Note to Self…from the Past

It's well past the time I should be asleep. I always find it difficult to get back to a normal sleep schedule after I've been sick, and I was sleeping at least twelve hours a day during that cold, trying to get it to go away. It's usually around this time, where I realize how… Continue reading Note to Self…from the Past