Book Review

Immortal Fire

YOU GUYS. OH MY GODS. This book is better than I expected. Considering how much I absolutely LOVED the first and second ones, I was already expecting a lot. Yes, the action is well-paced, the story structure is one of the most masterful I’ve read in ages. The characters are interesting and complex and so,… Continue reading Immortal Fire

Book Review

Dark Tempest

Okay, real talk: I wanted more of this book as soon as I finished listening to it, so I went back to halfway through and listened to the second half again. I wasn’t ready to move on to the third, because that’s too close to the end of the trilogy, and I never want that… Continue reading Dark Tempest

Book Review

Red Winter

Oh my. I didn’t have any expectations going into this book, because I hadn’t heard much about it. I found it on some lists of YA books with snow in them. Seriously. (Research for my current novel.) I am so glad that this book came onto my radar. I think it started out a tiny… Continue reading Red Winter