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Midsummer Book Update – 6 Months of Books

This post is going up a little later than the true summer solstice—but in my defense, there’s a lot going on! I’m prepping for my very first public reading event, and I’m super excited for it.This year so far in books has been heart-wrenching and nostalgic and instructional. I’ve read 24 books out of the… Continue reading Midsummer Book Update – 6 Months of Books

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Why I Write

It was probably a year ago that I got the idea that I needed to fall in love with writing again. I used to love the act of writing—I used to spend all my time doing it. Writing horribly derivative stories by hand on wide-ruled, loose, 3-ring-binder-filler paper. And somewhere along the way, probably as… Continue reading Why I Write

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Restless Legs and Alien Parasites

Arguably, the chances that I’m carrying an alien parasite a la face-eater are pretty slim. We’ve had two ultrasounds, and it looked pretty human at the second one (this doesn’t, however, rule out werewolf, because it wasn’t a full moon on the date of that ultrasound…). Still, when something at the crown of your enlarged… Continue reading Restless Legs and Alien Parasites

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I’ve Forgotten How to Write

I’ve been blocked for a while on the novel I’m writing. Ask me any time in the past six or seven years if writer’s block is a real thing, I would say, “Nope.” I acknowledge that there’s a balance between inspiration, imagination, dedication and application. “Filling up the creative well” is what some people call… Continue reading I’ve Forgotten How to Write

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Stories are Cool

There are some stories that make you feel—more. Greater range of emotions, sure. But also more. Things you wouldn’t otherwise be feeling, at intensities you wouldn’t otherwise be experiencing. That’s why I love stories, and why I write them. My favorite kind of stories are the ones that make you believe that you could do… Continue reading Stories are Cool