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Why I Write

It was probably a year ago that I got the idea that I needed to fall in love with writing again. I used to love the act of writing—I used to spend all my time doing it. Writing horribly derivative stories by hand on wide-ruled, loose, 3-ring-binder-filler paper. And somewhere along the way, probably as… Continue reading Why I Write


January 2018, A Reflection

I thought my motto for this year was going to be, “Change the things you have control over."I’m starting to think I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe this year is more about realizing what I don’t have control over. Maybe I need to stop and figure out where exactly my efforts are going, and… Continue reading January 2018, A Reflection

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Why I’m Pagan

Sometimes the answer to why someone is religious is as simple as knowing what religion/culture they were raised in. The familiar is often comforting, and most large religions have enough to offer people nowadays that there wouldn't necessarily be big reasons to look for something else. I grew up in a Christian community, going to… Continue reading Why I’m Pagan


Star Ratings (on Goodreads)

I was thinking a lot about the way I rate books on Goodreads. The 5-star system is pretty effective to capture my thoughts. 1-star: I typically don’t rate books that I’ve rage-quit, because what’s the point? Those would probably get a single star, if I did. I just don’t feel right giving an opinion on… Continue reading Star Ratings (on Goodreads)

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Spiritual Drought

I went years after I finished college without participating in any Pagan groups. Mostly it was location and time-availability restricting me. And it figures that just a few months before moving away from Central California, I found the ONLY other Pagan in the area starting work at my company. The thing is—I’m built for group… Continue reading Spiritual Drought

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Recovery (Baby Steps!)

One of the absolute best things I’ve learned from the Nerd Fitness Academy is the importance (and effectiveness!) of baby steps. Incremental changes over long periods of time will stick 100% better than quick, monumental changes. I used to be the kind of person who wanted to change everything at once. It’s a funny kind… Continue reading Recovery (Baby Steps!)