January 2018, A Reflection

I thought my motto for this year was going to be, “Change the things you have control over."I’m starting to think I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe this year is more about realizing what I don’t have control over. Maybe I need to stop and figure out where exactly my efforts are going, and… Continue reading January 2018, A Reflection

Life, Pagan

My Blue Moon Ritual

Every time we get a second full moon in a month, we call that event a “blue moon.” I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for Pagans to do this—depending on the type of Paganism you practice, the ancients who practiced long ago may have operated on a lunar calendar, or some system… Continue reading My Blue Moon Ritual

Book Review

The Crossroads of Should and Must

This quick read is an inspirational pep talk for people who struggle setting aside their everyday responsibilities in order to chase their passions. I feel like a recent theme in my life (and in my late twenties, in general), is questioning the either-or mindset. We’re taught that we can only do so much, we only… Continue reading The Crossroads of Should and Must

Book Review


When I describe this book to people, Ready Player One usually comes up as a comp title. Protagonist finds herself in a virtual reality tournament. Except that’s the thing—Warcross is *better* than Ready Player One. It appeals to me a lot more, which probably has a lot to do with my personal tastes. I feel… Continue reading Warcross

Book Review

Story Engineering

I had no idea what I was missing before I picked up this book. I have an MFA, I've been a writer for a long time--but somehow no one managed to phrase things quite like this before. I adore organization, and orderly approaches to tasks and goals (with iterations to fix past mistakes, because we… Continue reading Story Engineering

Book Review

Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

This is a great introduction to the gods and goddesses of the Celts. Stewart doesn't shy away from mentioning that historical evidence cannot completely confirm our suspicions when it comes to these gods. So much of what we "know" about them is second-hand, passed through the Romans and monks seeking to preserve some aspect of… Continue reading Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

Book Review

La Belle Sauvage

I would love this book even if it was terrible--I'm a little biased when it comes to my favorite author. Okay, a LOT biased. I seriously question my friendships with people who haven't read Pullman, or don't like what they have read. His writing is just so damn good.I thought this book was wonderful, though.… Continue reading La Belle Sauvage

Book Review

Six of Crows

It’s rare that I enjoy a book with an ensemble cast. It usually feels too disjointed, too scattered. I was hooked on the story, however, and it was so easy to read that I was already halfway through before I realized that I cared about ALL the characters way more than I expected to. Watching… Continue reading Six of Crows