Book Review

Starry Eyes

I got my copy of Starry Eyes through my Uppercase Box subscription, and oh my goodness. The feels. The cute, and the heart-wrenching, and the realness. This is a fabulous book, and you should go pick it up right now. Seriously.

If you’re not sold just on the amount of feels I had when I read this, or the fact that I literally couldn’t put it down and stayed up all night to finish it on a week night… Zorie is our protagonist extraordinaire, a smart, self-possessed, very realistic teenager. Her passion is astronomy, and it gives her that extra layer of depth, even while she worries about the popularity of her friends and the basic things that any teen would be thinking about. Zorie has an interesting past, too. She had a best friend, Lennon, who she’s now estranged from. And WE DON’T KNOW WHY. That kept me going for the first third of the book. I WANT TO KNOW WHY, JENN, PLEASE JUST TELL ME.

And then you find out more about it, and you’re even MORE intrigued, because now you need BOTH sides of this story and OMG JENN JUST TELL ME.

And eventually you learn the whole of it and holy mother of all good YA—it’s fabulous. Emotional. Relevatory. Messy. Beautiful.

The pacing is on point, the world and the special extra things like Lennon’s drawings, just bring everything to life. I loved every minute of this book, and had ALL THE FEELS IF YOU COULDN’T TELL BY MY CAPS LOCK.

Oh, also, there’s a cool premise of glamping-gone-wrong, and all the nature and adventure that follows. So if that’s your jam, you’ll love this book, but for anyone else out there who isn’t specifically into that premise, omg please read this book for the feels. It’s beautifully written and your life will be better for having read it.

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