Book Review

Living Wicca

I’m really, really glad Scott Cunningham wrote this sequel to Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. This is an introduction to devotional Wicca that contains less of the building blocks of normal ritual practice, and much more of the answers to the questions of “But how do I live as a witch, every day?”

Even the word “witch” there is a bit of a misnomer, because not everyone who considers themselves Wiccan in a religious sense will also call themselves a witch, but…well, if you’re reading this review, you likely already know that labeling Pagans is a tricky prospect, and best left up to the individuals themselves.

I enjoyed the conversational style of this book, the way you feel like you’re sitting with Scott in a cozy, safe space, and he’s saying, “Okay look, you might be overcomplicating your whole approach to this Wiccan thing…” It’s something that every Wiccan probably needs to hear. When you’re just getting started, sometimes it’s really enticing to go all-in. All the tools, all the trappings, all the formality. And at some point, you get to decide whether that’s exactly what you want (because ritual and formality can help trigger the same psychology of worship every time), or that it’s nice maybe on special occasions, but the rest of the time you just need to feel it all in your heart, without the special words and motions.

I’ve always thought of myself as living Pagan, every day, in my thoughts and words and actions. So it’s strange that I only read this book fifteen years after starting my Pagan journey. Every chapter, however, felt right. This is not an exclusionary book. It’s how to live a religious, spiritual life as a Wiccan, and it tells you over and over again that the best way to do this thing is the way that feels right to you. That’s invaluable for any Pagan to hear.

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