Book Review

Keepers of the Flame

I really enjoyed this fourth book in the Summoning series. It’s my favorite of the five, and mostly for the interesting split to the narrative as we follow twin female protagonists as they are summoned into the fantasy world of Lladrana.

Bri and Elizabeth are pretty cute, in their relationship with each other, the ways they support and challenge each other, the differences between them. I really enjoyed reading about their relationship with each other and with the other Exotique (read: summoned from Earth) women, more than the sexual relationships in this installment.

There’s something really interesting about healers, and their capacity for giving of themselves. I of course resonated more with Bri than with Elizabeth—the New Age healer over the medical doctor. And the ending didn’t disappoint me, throwing wrenches into what I thought was coming for the end of the series, and laying the groundwork for the final battle that we know has to be coming.

If you’re this far into the series, there’s no way you’re going to stop now! Just one more book to go after this one, to round out a series that I enjoy returning to occasionally.


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