Book Review

Echoes in the Dark

This final installment in the Summoning series doesn’t disappoint.

It’s narrative path is…unusual. There are twists and turns that you don’t see coming, and others that have been foreshadowed since the beginning and throughout the other books. There’s action and suspense and also long weeks of boredom for the characters—definitely lull before the storm type pauses.

We get to follow two women again in this book, but this time they aren’t twins. Raine and Jikita are as different as they could possibly be, but their stories weave well together and I think the pacing was handled the right way. You end up caring about both of them, and hearing their unique voices in their sections when you switch back and forth, which is a good tactic to keep the reader engaged and aware of what’s going on in any given chapter.

This series isn’t long by fantasy standards—five books is nothing compared to something like the Wheel of Time or Sword of Truth series. For romance novels, they are a bit longer, especially if you’re used to Nora Roberts’ trilogies. I think they’re well worth the effort, though, if you’re a fan of romance novels and fantasy. The intersection of those two genres in this series is executed well and was enjoyable for me to read and to re-read.

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