Book Review

Level Up Your Life

I’ve been a member of Nerd Fitness for about three years now. If you don’t know anything about Nerd Fitness, it goes something like this:

Steve Kamb and Team Nerd Fitness write articles that they post on the Nerd Fitness blog. Readers of those articles are members of the “Rebellion.” The focus is on fitness, nutrition, and sometimes general life stuff, like finances, self-confidence and mental health, social skills, etc.

There’s a lifetime membership you can buy, which gets you access to the Nerd Fitness Academy content, and the NFA Facebook groups (one for male-identifying individuals, one for female-identifying individuals). There’s also a billion and one unofficial side groups, with various purposes (one for our LGBTQA+ members, location-specific groups like the Pacific Northwest one, one for NF singles, etc.).

Nerd Fitness also designed an IRL RPG internet membership program, called Rising Heroes. Instead of a lifetime membership fee, you pay monthly (or annually, for a discount). You get missions sent to your mission control, you join a faction, and you all battle together against the Shadow Organization, which is fighting to keep the general populace complacent, lazy, and fat.

I read the articles on I am a Women’s Academy member. I am in Rising Heroes. Obviously, I’ve really bought into this stuff. For good reason—it’s helped me more than I can say with fitness, nutrition, and finding amazing friends that are supportive and enrich my life every day.

I preface this review with all that info so that you understand where I’m coming from, and that my review is probably a tiny bit biased when it comes to Steve’s book, Level Up Your Life.

Is the writing good? Yep. Are the topics within relevant and sprinkled with nerdy references? Yep. Did it help me reframe my thinking about certain things, and make me feel more capable of progress toward my own goals? Absolutely.

There’s a lot of great stuff in this book. Really. But if I’m being totally honest—it’s just a gateway. I think you should definitely read the book. And if you like what you read…check out the articles on Start exploring the free resources that are available. Consider joining the Academy, if you like structured progression plans when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Or join Rising Heroes, if, like me, you struggle with daily accountability. There’s a wealth of information and support and love out there, all facilitated by Team Nerd Fitness. They’re amazing people, and their products are helping hundreds of thousands of people every day.

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