Book Review

Fire Touched

As always, if you haven’t read the other Mercy Thompson books, go do so now. Off you go. No spoilers for you.

Okay, now that all of us here have read up to Night Broken…what should I say about Fire Touched? Is it another solid addition to a fabulous series that keeps me wanting more and more? Yep. Do we get to see more of our favorite characters and explore more magic and fantastical creatures? Yep.

Most of the books have a predominant supernatural focus. Moon Called was werewolves, Blood Bound was vamps, etc. Fire Touched is faeries again, but an interesting twist in that one of the protagonists of this story is a human child who was just trapped in Underhill for a very long time. And She changed him.

Adam is…more than a bit player, in this one. He features prominently. Baba Yaga, as well, which is thrilling and chilling in all the ways she normally elicits the spooky delightful tingles-up-your-spine feels.

The wider world is starting to be more and more influenced by the Fey and the werewolves. There are political ramifications that are felt by all members of the magical communities. And then there’s Mercy, just trying to keep her people alive and healthy, but still called to fight for justice and honor again and again and again. Gods, I could read Mercy all day, every day. She’s one of the best.

Should you read this one? Obviously. But if you’ve already gotten this far, there’s no way you aren’t devouring each new Mercy novel as quickly as it comes out. 🙂


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