Book Review

Blood Bound

If you love Mercy Thompson as much as I do, when you finish reading Moon Called, you’re desperate to know what’s next. I have to admit—I was a little apprehensive about what the situation might be, coming into the second book. It felt like our kickass, independent heroine was giving in to romance a little too easily. I should have more faith in Patricia Briggs, because book two of the series starts off with Mercy being too damn independent to let a man claim her. Any man.

There’s a bit of a love triangle situation going on in this book, and it adds to the intrigue, rather than detracting from it. It’s a slow tension, subtle, never directly influencing events much, but growing the characters. It helps flesh out their backstory, makes them real.

The primary action-packed conflict in this novel centers around a baddie much more evil than the one in the first book. Literally evil, as the whole book deals with vampires and the demon-possessed (or demon-rider/ridden, if you want to get technical). It’s nice to learn more about the vampires in this series, and to spend more time with Stefan. These vamps are actually bearable (coming from someone who has never been a vampire fan), and figuring out the minutiae of how they live, organize themselves, use their powers, and feed is very interesting.

Compound that with a truly scary baddie, an action-packed climactic battle, and the hint of future repercussions after Mercy has to do something during the battle that seems small but will probably have major consequences down the line…and this is a beautiful continuation to a series I was already hooked on after reading the first book.

Funny anecdote: I was listening to the part where Mercy kneels on her bed all night, shotgun in hand, while we had a tree leaning against our house (waiting for the tree guys to come remove it). So all that night I woke repeatedly to the scritch of twigs scratching the windowpane in the wind. You’ll get it once you read the book. Which you should go do, right now (as long as you’ve already read Moon Called. Don’t hit these out of order—they’re too good to screw up for yourself that way, though Briggs usually includes small backstory to the previous tome at the beginning of the next, folding it in to the story to feel mostly germane).

Seriously. Go read this book. Read the whole series. It’s off to an auspicious start and sequel so far.


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