Book Review

Naamah’s Blessing

The final installment of the Moirin trilogy takes our favorite characters even farther than they’ve already been. All the way to the shores of what we would think of as South America.

Moirin interacts with the equivalency of Aztec and Incan people, in a long, dangerous journey she has to undertake to right a wrong. In a way she is making penance for earlier mistakes, and the story comes around full circle to involve characters who were at the forefront in the first book of the trilogy.

The environments are beautifully crafted and described. Carey has immense talent in bringing culture to life through her settings and characters. Somehow, Moirin moves through all the different cultures she encounters with grace and innocent purity.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a partnership quite as compelling as Moirin and Bao’s. They shouldn’t fit together at all. In the Phedre trilogy, Carey delighted in pairing two characters who are the exact opposite of the right fit for each other—and their relationship is inevitable, epic, and beautiful. Here, Moirin and Bao aren’t opposites. They are almost at right angles to each other. It shouldn’t ever work. But they end up with the strongest, most complementing partnership I’ve ever read. It’s a beautiful example of how mutual, unfailing love and respect in a partnership can create a foundation from which each individual can be completely themselves, and yet *more so* with the support of their partner uplifting them. #Relationshipgoals, well and truly.

It’s probably a good thing that this is the final book in the trilogy, because I’m running out of complimentary adjectives and have already used the same ones many times. I can’t speak highly enough of this trilogy. Fans of strong female characters, confident in their sexuality and unwavering in their loyalty to friends, will adore this trilogy and should read it straight through. I might like the second book more than the third, but since they’re all five stars in my book that isn’t much of a distinction to make. 🙂


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