Book Review

Emmy & Oliver

The premise of this book is different and fascinating. How many kids have one of their closest childhood friends kidnapped?

Emmy is sweet and authentic. She feels so much like a real person, with complexities and passions. Robin Benway did a fabulous job writing her (and this story, in general).

I don’t visit realism much, since speculative fiction is my one true love, but when I do I want the story to be executed just like this one. There’s a sweetness and a purity to Emmy and Oliver, captured so well among the swirling confusion of modern times. It reminds me of Rainbow Rowell’s work, so fans of hers should definitely read Emmy & Oliver if they haven’t already.

I also have to commend Robin on her execution of the child-parent relationships. I think she absolutely nailed it, and her adult characters were actually interesting and fun to read, rather than boring, unimportant, or nonexistent like they might be in a lot of other YA.

Definitely would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA, especially YA realism and fans of Rainbow Rowell’s work.


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