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I haven’t read any Pearson before, but listening to this novella in audiobook format has me wanting to pick up the first of the books in the Remnant Chronicles. Pearson describes the awakening and growing yearning of a boy and girl in a post-apocalyptic world really well in this story.

There are clever bits of beauty woven throughout the prose. For example, Jafir handing Morrighan a handful of sky to make her smile. The diction and syntax felt carefully crafted. This is an old story, meant to feel like the beginning of things. A new beginning, built on the ruins of the old world. The writing style alone would encourage me to read more books by Pearson, but the characters were also compelling. They had a fire and passion to them that I always enjoy reading.

I would recommend this more to lovers of fantasy than post-apocalyptic fiction. Similar to the way I would recommend the Dragonriders of Pern books to fantasy lovers instead of science fiction lovers (even though, in that universe, Pern is a colonized planet, far in the future, and the dragons are genetically engineered from life forms native to the planet). It’s a sweet love story, two characters coming of age in vastly different lives, trying to come together and find a future. I’m going to read The Kiss of Deception when I can get my hands on it. I have high hopes for Pearson’s books, considering how good the writing was in this novella.


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