Book Review

Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology is a delightful collection of re-tellings, in Gaiman’s unique and unparalleled voice. He lays things out clearly, so that you don’t see all the ambiguity of ancient myths passed down in a hundred different versions via oral traditions. You see the bones of the stories, and you get to understand the Norse mythos more completely. After reading these, I actually understand a friend of mine who is a Pagan devotee of Thor much more!

I enjoyed all these stories in their varied subject matters. My favorite was the final chapter, which talks about Ragnarok, an end and a beginning. The stories are told in an inspirational way that made me want to go write. Anyone who enjoys mythology should read these. Any writer looking for a little mythic inspiration should definitely read these.

Thanks for doing it again, Neil Gaiman. The world would be a darker place without your prose.


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