Book Review

Ice Dogs

This book was obviously written by someone who has spent time with sled dogs and the Alaskan wilderness. It was smart, peppered with all these amazing little details that really put you in the world, battling the weather with Victoria and Chris.

This is survival YA, and a fairly short book, so there isn’t a lot of focus on the budding relationship slash potential for romance. These characters have better things to do than moon over each other. Like staying alive.

I thought the suspense couldn’t possibly ramp up higher, because I was guessing this was the kind of book where the characters would get home alive. Like, 99% certain of that. So there was no way to make it worse; they were about to find civilization. Right? Wrong.

Man, was I wrong. This author really captures the struggle super well, and the payoff when they survive is pretty great.

This would be a great book for anyone who likes a competent, outdoorsy female lead, especially in the Young Adult genre. Bonus points for anyone who enjoys a snow/ice/cold setting, and extra extra for sled dogs/huskies.


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