Book Review

The Surrendered Wife

I can guess what you’re thinking about the title. I’ve talked about this book with a few girlfriends since I read it, and all their reactions are mostly the same.

Unfortunate title aside, this is actually a good and useful book for some people. I think I benefitted from it because I’ve never had really great, healthy marital communication modeled for me before.

There’s an updated version of this book, called First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors. Again, a super unfortunate title that doesn’t accurately describe the contents of the book. I’ve written a full review on that book, since there’s no real need for people to read this older version unless they really want as much as they can get from the author. I found a copy of this one first, though, so it was my introduction to Laura Doyle’s work. Now go read the updated version instead. 🙂


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