Book Review

Among the Ghosts

What a delightful middle grade novel. I think I was right in expecting Amber Benson to be good at writing middle grade. I found this one more enjoyable in some ways than The Witches of Echo Park.

That isn’t to say there aren’t some things that snagged my attention. There are a couple times when our protagonist transitions a little too quickly from plucky heroine to scared child. And there are some plot holes that are noticeable enough to make me wonder if there are meant to be more books in the series, because some things feel a bit unfinished by the end. However, I thought the use of supernatural elements was cleverly done, and folding in some science balanced it nicely. The protagonist is clever and observant, though sometimes the amount she “noticed” about the adults around her made me wonder if Benson felt a little restrained, writing solely from the protagonist’s point of view in those sections.

The “villain” was a smart concept, once we find out who/what it is, though it could have used a little more time or explanation just to give it due attention toward the end.

Overall this was an enjoyable read, and I’ll definitely keep my signed copy in my personal library.


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