Double Spaces After Periods

Haha. I just read this on Lifehacker, which I thought was funny because they suggest that people who still double-space after a period are in their 50s now. I learned to type on a typewriter, when I used to go to work with my mom when she worked in the office of the church I grew up at. And the way my mom taught me was to double-space. So I still do. It takes a lot to break yourself of the habit, and with my new job in tech writing I’m going to have to do so, quickly. But, apparently my habit makes me 50-something. And I’m kind of proud of that, managing to seem thirty years older than I am. Something I can tell my kid someday, that even though I don’t remember a time before computers, I still carry some legacy from the old days.  I’m not sure why it tickles me so much. By all rights I should be wanting to get rid of the archaic monuments to the past, or something. Isn’t that the type of thing that young people say?

I suppose I feel less like a “young” person now. I’m getting married in a few months. I survived day two of my new real job (well, contract, but it’s full-time, and transferable work experience!). I’ve moved up to a whole new part of the world (same state, entirely different world). My life is finally looking more like what I’ve wanted it to look like. Now all I need is to have my man up here with me with a good job of his own. (And our cat with us. I miss them so much, my little family unit.)


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