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Midsummer Book Update – 6 Months of Books

This post is going up a little later than the true summer solstice—but in my defense, there’s a lot going on! I’m prepping for my very first public reading event, and I’m super excited for it.This year so far in books has been heart-wrenching and nostalgic and instructional. I’ve read 24 books out of the… Continue reading Midsummer Book Update – 6 Months of Books

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Far From the Tree

Oh my goodness. Dear readers, please do yourselves a favor and read this fantastic book. It’s the 2017 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature winner, and it deserves that title a thousand-fold. Also, Robin Benway is a super sweet and wonderful person, so you should read more of her books just in general.I met… Continue reading Far From the Tree

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I didn’t know anything about the plot of Landline before I started reading it. I almost think it was better that way—picking a book up based on the strength of the author’s other work. So if you don’t want to know anything about the plot, and you already love Rainbow Rowell (I mean, who doesn’t,… Continue reading Landline

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Starry Eyes

I got my copy of Starry Eyes through my Uppercase Box subscription, and oh my goodness. The feels. The cute, and the heart-wrenching, and the realness. This is a fabulous book, and you should go pick it up right now. Seriously.If you’re not sold just on the amount of feels I had when I read… Continue reading Starry Eyes

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Living Wicca

I’m really, really glad Scott Cunningham wrote this sequel to Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. This is an introduction to devotional Wicca that contains less of the building blocks of normal ritual practice, and much more of the answers to the questions of “But how do I live as a witch, every day?"Even the word… Continue reading Living Wicca

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Ink, Iron, and Glass

I’m always a tiny bit hesitant to get invested in a novel whose protagonist is more practical than emotional. It’s absolutely a strange personal bias of mine, made even more odd by the fact that I’m a Ravenclaw, so practical people are my tribe, yo.The Gryffindor secondary is strong with me, however, so of course… Continue reading Ink, Iron, and Glass

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Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print

I picked this book up when I heard the Director of my MFA program praise it. Taking recommendations from my professors is a good way to read a lot of really amazing books.I’m surprised I didn’t know about this before, and really glad to have read it now. Block gives a thorough, yet completely accessible,… Continue reading Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print

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Echoes in the Dark

This final installment in the Summoning series doesn’t disappoint.It’s narrative path is…unusual. There are twists and turns that you don’t see coming, and others that have been foreshadowed since the beginning and throughout the other books. There’s action and suspense and also long weeks of boredom for the characters—definitely lull before the storm type pauses.We… Continue reading Echoes in the Dark

Book Review

Keepers of the Flame

I really enjoyed this fourth book in the Summoning series. It’s my favorite of the five, and mostly for the interesting split to the narrative as we follow twin female protagonists as they are summoned into the fantasy world of Lladrana.Bri and Elizabeth are pretty cute, in their relationship with each other, the ways they… Continue reading Keepers of the Flame

Book Review

Protector of the Flight

Book one featured a warrior archetype as the female lead, book two the academic. Book three of the Summoning series has a caregiver with a tender heart and a fiercely protective drive. Calli resonates with me less than Alexa, but more than Marian. She also has the awesome quality of being paired with and cherished… Continue reading Protector of the Flight